Reaching out to the wider community, building bridges to the unchurched. This is the vision of Billboard Ministry - working with local Christians to connect the world to Christ and to the Church

Billboard Ministry was established in the summer of 2021 in Colchester, England's oldest recorded town. For too long the gap between the secular world and God's vision for the world has become wider. In the UK, Church attendance has declined at the very time when many people are searching for answers about life's deeper meaning. Billboard Ministry's vision is to connect people to the church. This can be for town-wide joint church events at Christmas or Easter or a more general Gospel verse linking to a website or help number.

We can do this!

Billboard Ministry negotiated with one of the country's largest billboard companies to transform a huge board on Magdalen Street (opposite "Lookers" Ford dealership). This presented our message of hope and God's love to the thousands of drivers, bus passengers and pedestrians who use that busy road every day.

And now, three years on...

For Easter 2024 we have expanded and placed this new billboard in Colchester, one in Norwich and one on the M25 (Waltham Abbey junction)


But we still need your help!

Large British companies spend thousands every month to populate the huge billboards that are scattered strategically around our towns and cities. By ourselves as a ministry we cannot compete with them to pay the amounts billboard companies charge.

But if the churches of Colchester work together, we can do it! Already, one local church is supporting our work and we are seeking for more regular sponsors to enable our first billboard to be launched in Magdalen Street later this year. Will you and your church help us? We are seeking both individuals and churches, who see and catch our vision to connect people to the body of Christ in Colchester!

Did you know that Alpha, the most successful Christian out-reach in recent times, calculates that up to 56% of the 1000s of people that attended their Alpha courses were prompted from seeing billboard and sign advertising.

What are we asking for?

Well, we are NOT asking you to get to work with a broom and a bucket of paste!

But we ARE asking for you to help provide us with the broom and paste (ie the financial resources) to make this exciting vision happen.

Will your church - or you as an individual - sponsor Billboard Ministry with a monthly amount to enable us to post our first billboard this Summer?

This is the size of the task...

To  display our message in Magdalen St for three months - 2,800

Will you help us?

"Therefore my word shall not return to me void but accomplish that which I please and prosper in the thing that where I sent it."

Isaiah 55:11

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